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Global Pharmaceutical Industry

Global Pharmaceutical Industry

    Global Pharmaceutical Industry Global Pharmaceutical Industry has reached approx. $1358.521 billion in 2020 compared to $ 1247.073 billion in 2019. Annual growth in value is 8.203 percentage. Pandemic and Global Pharmaceutical Industry We are seeing a pandemic that is going on from early 2020 .… Read More »Global Pharmaceutical Industry

    Mobiles under 15000

    Mobiles under 15000

    Mobiles Under 15000 Budget Friendly and Best Specifications We bring you the list of best mobiles under 15000 for Indian Market. These mobile phones are budget friendly and they come with best specifications. As the competition in mobile segment is getting tougher day by day,… Read More »Mobiles under 15000

    Market Research Reports of Video Game

    Video Game Industry

      Video Game Industry Introduction Today, the video game industry is worth $150 billion and is expected to reach $280 billion by 2024. There are more than 2.5 billion gamer’s in the world. We are expecting a significant rise in gamer numbers due to technological advancement and… Read More »Video Game Industry

      Healthcare Sector

      Healthcare Sector in India

        An Overview of Healthcare Sector Healthcare comprises hospitals, medical device, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance and medical equipment. Overall Healthcare sector is expected to reach $360 billion by 2022 with CAGR of 16.96 percent y-o-y. Indian government spending on healthcare is currently at 1.6 percentage… Read More »Healthcare Sector in India

        Website Development

        Website Development and Plugins

          Website development and Plugins for successful digital presence Hosting and Domain A hosting service provider helps in keeping website running on the servers and makes it accessible to the web. While, domain name registration gives an identity to the website through extensions such as .com,… Read More »Website Development and Plugins

          Bottled Water Market

          Bottled Water Market

            Bottled Water Market In India Introduction: Few decades back bottled water market was not known to many in India. But, due to pandemic the scenario has changed. Most of Indian citizens have started taking care of their health and are favoring bottled water to tap… Read More »Bottled Water Market


            The Stock Market

              I always wondered what is stock market and how people get rich using it? I wanted to learn and understand Stock Market trading and achieve my dream of financial independence. So in the beginning I started investing in smaller proportions and later on when I… Read More »The Stock Market